Flame Safeguard

(Primary Control, Amplifier, Flame Rods, Flame Scanners)

Jackson Oven Supply offers a wide range of spare flame safecards for industrial ovens. We understand the importance of an inventory and stocking the right components for our customer base. Stock items ordered by noon will ship the same day. In cases where a rush order is required, for your convenience we offer next-day air shipments. If you don't see what you need, please contact us for availability.

Our experienced sales staff is familiar with your equipment and is waiting for your call. For more information or to place an order, please contact us at 517-784-9660 or sales@jacksonoven.com.

Flame Relay; Part #308-0600-600 Oven Misc 005 small

Oven Misc 004 small

Primary Control Unit & Amplifier; Part #305-0890-126 Oven Misc 001 small
Flame Rod; Part #308-4000-712 Ovenmisc 012 small1 (1)
Flame Rod; Part #308-4010-046 Ovenmisc 007 small
Flame Scanner; Part #308-0500-006 DSC00714 small
Flame Scanner; Part #305-7800-031 honeywellflamescanner small
Flame Scanner; Part # 305-7061-012 Oven Misc 037 small
Primary Control; Part #305-7890-015 honeywellflamerelay small
Amplifier; Part #305-7800-023 honeywellflameamplifier small
Sub Base; Part # 305-7800-005 honeywellflamesrelaybase small
Flame Rod; Part #308-4000-700 Ovenmisc 014 small1
Flame Rod; Part #408-4000-815 Ovenmisc 013 small

The design of Jackson Oven Supply afterburners incorporates a gas-fired burner.

In addition to supplying our customers with professionally built industrial ovens, Jackson Oven Supply provides a full catalog of parts.

Jackson Oven Supply is a manufacturer of ovens for a variety of industrial processes.