Custom Powder Coating Ovens

Due to powder coating’s versatility, standard ovens are often not ideal for many applications. Not every product fits in a standard industrial oven, and not every standard oven fits in a manufacturing facility. As an industrial oven manufacturer for more than 40 years, Jackson Oven Supply saw the need that so many companies have for customized powder coating cure ovens and started creating them.

The Ideal Oven for Your Needs

When you purchase an oven from Jackson Oven Supply, it will be made to your exact specifications - from size, to heater type and placement. Let us know what you need, and our experts will design and manufacture an oven for your needs. Our industrial ovens circulate air evenly and gently, ensuring that your product is evenly cured with little to no powder blow-off. Each is built to last, with steel doors, half-inch header and one-inch plate hinges made in-house to ensure durability and quality. We have the equipment and expertise to build the most complex industrial ovens for powder coat curing. Here are some examples of customization options:

  • Size in one-foot increments
  • Heater box mount location
  • Controllers to meet exact needs
  • Power source: electric, LP-gas, or natural gas

After purchasing your oven, Jackson Oven Supply will still be there when you need us. We have a dedicated service rep network available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide comprehensive ongoing support.

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The design of Jackson Oven Supply afterburners incorporates a gas-fired burner.

In addition to supplying our customers with professionally built industrial ovens, Jackson Oven Supply provides a full catalog of parts.

Jackson Oven Supply is a manufacturer of ovens for a variety of industrial processes.