Case Study: Burn-Off Oven Model 15825

Jackson Oven Supply prides itself on the fact that we are a market driven company. Although standard sizes and features are available, custom sizes and applications are often requested.

Pictured is a batch burn off oven model 15825. Its interior wall to wall dimensions are 16 foot wide by 11 foot tall by 26 foot deep. The oven was constructed in three modules and assembled on site. It includes two main oven burners and two side mount afterburners. The burn off oven was custom painted to the customer's specifications. The interior lining of the unit is stainless steel on the walls, ceiling, and floor.

The oven is the first step in the re-manufacturing process of vibratory bowls burning off polyurethane liners.

Custom Cart

A custom cart including a drain deck and collector system was constructed due to the uniqueness of the ovens application. The cart roles out of the oven via a tracking system. After the cart has been loaded with product it is pushed back inside the oven and the front 12 foot of track extensions fold down so the oven doors can close. The cart is capable of holding 20,000 lbs ..

Fold down tack system

Oven Interior

A view of the interior of the unit is to the right. As shown, the cart roles into the oven where it sits above the the heat distribution system that spans the oven chamber front to back. This system allows for heat to be evenly distributed making the process cost effective. The stainless steel liner protects the block insulation that allows the oven to reach temperatures up to 800 degrees F.

Control System

The design of the oven is environmentally driven by incorporating the hi-fire afterburner with modulating gas on all burners for an estimated 40% fuel savings. The other strong point is the “One-Touch” user-friendly controls. There are no menus for the operator to select and no input required regardless of the size of load in the oven.

The design of Jackson Oven Supply afterburners incorporates a gas-fired burner.

In addition to supplying our customers with professionally built industrial ovens, Jackson Oven Supply provides a full catalog of parts.

Jackson Oven Supply is a manufacturer of ovens for a variety of industrial processes.